Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, selected as one of New 7Wonders of Nature and has an easy access from Bali make many travelers around the globe eye on Komodo National Park.  

Every day, Komodo National Park is hosted hundreds of travelers from both international and domestic who wish to see the world’s largest living lizard that only exists in Komodo National Park. Komodo Dragon may own the limelight in the national park, but the scenic landscape and incredible underwater life make Komodo National Park the social media darling.     


“What is the best time to visit Komodo National Park?”, has always been a frequent question asked by our costumers when they started to making a plan.


Komodo National Park opens for public visit 365 days a year, with only 2 seasons: Dry season (April – October) and rainy season (November – March). Fact that Komodo National Park lies within Lesser Sunda Island that known to be the driest region in Indonesia doesn’t make the rainy season on mid of January – early of March less wild with heavy rain fall, strong wind and big waves.


Here’s our recommendation – according to our years of experience running tours in Komodo National Park :

Mid of January to mid (sometimes to Mid) of March : Monsoon season.

We don’t recommend travel to Komodo Island – especially on February, the peak of monsoon season. During this time of the year, we still run tours to Rinca island and surrounding.           




Komodo Island is located in northern area facing open sea, reachable within 4 hours boat ride from the mainland Labuan Bajo. Rinca Island is located closer to Flores Island, reachable within 2 hours from Labuan Bajo .


April – June: Consider as the glorious time to visit Komodo National park. The sea is calmer and the weather is not too hot. The hills all are covered with green savannah vegetation. This time of the year is our favorite to visit Komodo.


July – September: Komodo Mating season and tourist high season. If you are traveling for photography, please avoid your visit during July – September to save yourself from disappointment. July – September is the mating season where there will be less Komodo wander around on both Komodo and Rinca Island. 

However, July – September is still being the most preferred time to travel to Komodo National park due to holiday season. We highly recommend to make your booking a couple of months in advance. Last minutes booking will only leave you with no choice of the boat.    


·         October – December: End of dry season and early of rainy season. If you miss your 

chance to visit Komodo on April – June, we’d recommend October – December. Less tourist and lots of chance to spot Komodo dragon.